Roumanian Blouse (FW-103)

Period: Colonial Description: Add your own character to this classic European peasant blouse with traditional handwork techniques or modern embellishments. A great period look when worn under a fitted vest or jacket. Instructions for embroidery, smocking, crocheted edging, and fine hand sewing are included. Size & Fitting Info: Manufacturer: Folkwear

Austrian Dirndl (FW-123)

Period: Medieval/Renaissance Description: A favorite at Renaissance Faires and Oktoberfest, this three-piece outfit enhances the maiden in you. Variations include knee-length or low-calf length dirndl bodice with high or low neck, high or low neck blouse and an apron. Pattern features many options for detailing, ruffling, ruching, and shaping. Size & Fitting Info: Manufacturer: Folkwear

Moraccan Burnoose (FW-132)

Period: Colonial Description: This sweeping cape is traditionally worn by Berber tribesmen over loose tunics, but it’s also dramatic when untraditionally worn over urban outfits. The bias-cut half circle design features an ample hood for protection from the sand and sun, or for discreet camouflage. Details are included about different ways of wearing and draping […]

Prairie Dress (FW-201)

Period: Edwardian Description: Worn by the stalwart women who conquered the 19th century American prairie, this flowing dress was traditionally worn with a practical apron. With or without the apron, mid-calf or ankle-length, the dress is feminine and comfortable. Instructions for vintage embroidered finishing touches are included. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: Small, Average, Tall […]

Edwardian Underthings (FW-203)

Period: Edwardian Description: Three charming “unmentionables” from the Edwardian bride’s trousseau. The camisole, petticoat, and drawers make lovely undergarments or the prettiest summer outerwear. Pattern includes instructions for crocheted edging, lace insertion, and decorative embroidery stitches. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: Misses [ 6 – 16 ] Bust: [ 30 – 38 ] Manufacturer: Folkwear

Gibson Girl Blouse (FW-205)

Period: Edwardian Description: The Gibson Girl was the ideal of feminine beauty at the turn of the 20th century, and by 1905, the Sears Roebuck catalogue offered 150 versions of this blouse. The high-collar, back-buttoning yoke style is still just as flattering today. Instructions for optional tucks and lace insertion included. Size & Fitting Info: […]

Kinsale Cloak (FW-207)

Period: Colonial Description: This billowing full-length cloak for Men and Women was a tradition in rural Ireland and can still be seen today in West County Cork, and at historic reenactments everywhere. The romantic garment fastens at the neck and features a detachable loosely-fitted hood. Includes fascinating historical lore, notes for hand-weavers, and instructions for […]