Capote (MR-003)

Period: Mountain Man Description: This practical coat is as popular with today’s Buckskinners & Indian Enthusiasts as it was in previous times. No doubt this is due to the great versatility of the garment as well as its colorful style. Capotes can be worn over several layers of clothing in extreme cold weather and can […]

Ribbon Shirt (MR-008)

Period: Native American Description: Common to many tribes from east to west. This style shirt is popular with both men and women and has been in vogue since the introduction of cloth to the Indian trade. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL Manufacturer: Missouri River

Plains Warshirt (MR-009)

Period: Native American Description: Developed from museum examples, this pattern will make a classic Northern Plains buckskin war shirt. Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Arapaho and Blackfoot style shirts are depicted, with hints on placement of various decorations and beadwork. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes S,M,L,XL and XXL Manufacturer: Missouri River

Plains Style Moccasins (MR-010)

Period: Mountain Man Description: The most authentic and detailed Plains moccasin pattern available! Features upper and sole patterns along with complete, fully illustrated instructions, including beadwork placement, that allow you to make a fine pair of moccasins in Cheyenne or other styles. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: Men’s 4-12 & Women’s 5-10 Manufacturer: Missouri River