Regency Gown (SS-101)

Period: Regency/Romantic Description: Regency Gown Designed after the styles of the early 1800s and particularly appropriate for 1804/Lewis & Clark interpreters, and 1812 impressions. This pattern may be used for either a day dress or a ballgown. Options for long sleeves, short sleeves, under-sleeves and wide or narrow skirt. This pattern is rated “intermediate”. Size […]

Regency Spencer Jacket/Pelisse (SS-102)

Period: Regency/Romantic Description: Regency Spencer Jacket/Pelisse The Spencer Jacket started out as a fashion for men around 1795, and was quickly modified for women. The jacket/pelisse and its variations became a popular accessory for the following thirty years. Designed to allow for a large number of style options. Single or double-breasted, sleeved & sleeveless, with […]

1910’s Tea Gown (SS-103)

Period: 20th Century Description: 1910’s Tea Gown This Tea Gown pattern was inspired by “Titanic”. You can transition this pattern to evening wear by lengthening the skirt. This pattern is rated “intermediate” mainly because of the extra steps involved in tailoring the bodice for a perfect fit and because of all the skirt layers. Size […]

Edwardian Walking Jacket (SS-104)

Period: 20th Century Description: Edwardian Walking Jacket Circa 1908 Drafted from an original jacket. Princess-line fit makes sewing easy. Includes templates for the embellishments pictured on the pattern cover. Complete with detailed instructions. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 8 – 20 ] Bust: [ 31.5-42 ] / [ 80cm – 107cm.] Manufacturer: Sense & […]

1910 Edwardian Apron (SS-105)

Period: 20th Century Description: 1910 Edwardian Apron Circa 1910 – 1912 This apron pattern was inspired by a beautiful pattern in my own collection. Aprons like these were called “dress protectors” and were made to amply cover a lady’s dress while she was in the kitchen or the garden. The sizes are quite forgiving, since […]