Bed Gown Set Settlement Series (CW-SS-03)

Period: Colonial Description: In this package of our Settlement Series we offer patterns for an English Bedgown, the Annie Cap, a pocket, diagrams for a short sleeve chemise plus suggestions and notes to complete the outfit of a settler of the early years of the 19th century.  Also included: instructions for neck scarf, apron and petty […]

Half Gown w/Strap Skirt & Long Gown c. 1800 (CW-BD-02)

Period: Regency/Romantic Description: This pattern has been created from an original in the Wade Collection, Snowshill, at Berrington Hall, Leominster, (Hereford) and is reproduced here with the kind thanks of Althea MacKenzie, Curator.  Half gowns as this were usually considered to be casual “undress” clothing for wearing at home.  This gown can easily be made […]

Workwoman’s Outdoor Bonnet (CW-H-01)

Period: Colonial Description: 1784 – 1818 Five styles of workwoman’s bonnets. These bonnets are a prelude to the later sun bonnet and was commonly worn during the late 18th C and early 19th C. by Western European [ British, French ] and North American women of the lower and middle classes. Size & Fitting Info: […]

A Variety of Lappet Caps (CW-H-02)

Period: Colonial Description: 1730’s – 1820’s These five styles of lappet caps were made of a variety of sturdy or delicate white cottons and linens, and worn by women of any age and of varying levels of society – [ country women, farmers, maids, and genteel ladies. ] Size & Fitting Info: Manufacturer: Country Wives

Caps for the Working Poor (CW-H-04)

Period: Colonial Description: Mid-18th to mid-19th C. These four caps were worn by the working poor. The originals of all these caps – all in museum collections – were made of sturdy, medium-weight cap linen. Two are extraordinarily plain, and the other two are quite basic, though you will find that View D has a […]

Caps for the Upper Crust (CW-H-05)

Period: Colonial Description: Four caps for the Upper Crust ladies to wear. These delicate caps often use more than one textile in their construction; certainly use several styles and widths of lace, including insert lace, and they seem to be one of a kind. Size & Fitting Info: Manufacturer: Country Wives

Beribboned Caps (CW-H-06)

Period: Colonial Description: 1780 – 1810 Pattern includes five caps not found anywhere else in the interpretive community. They were taken primarily from contemporary portraits of rather up-scale women in the Eastern U.S.A., Eastern Canada and in England. Size & Fitting Info: Manufacturer: Country Wives