Five Shirt Styles (TG-201)

Period: Colonial Description: Five Shirt Styles Five basic shirt styles in one pattern! All have a dropped shoulder line with full sleeves, underarm gussets, & buttoned cuffs. Three collar choices, plain or pleated front panels, & ruffles. The [ rifle shirt ]is a wrap around with fringe down the front opening. Size & Fitting Info: […]

1750-1778 Waistcoat (TG-203)

Period: Colonial Description: 1750-1778 Waistcoat The F & I style Waistcoat 1750-1765 features a rounded neckline & buttons to just below the waist. The back panels are 4″ shorter then the front. The Craftsman’s style waistcoat 1765-1778 is hip length and buttons to the waist. Size & Fitting Info: Size: [ 38 – 49 ] […]

1837-1890 Basic Shell Jacket (TG-205)

Period: Civil War Description: Basic Shell Jacket 1837 – 1890 Our basic pattern is a waist-length fitted jacket with cuffs and waistband. Instructions are given for making nine major variations – both Union and Confederate-with body style and decorative changes. A pattern insert discusses historical differences. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 40 – 46 […]

1837-1890 Frock Coat (TG-206)

Period: Civil War Description: 1837-1890 Frock Coat / 1830’s Frock Coat 1838 – 1865 The single-breasted frock coat fits the body snugly; fitted sleeves adorned with buttons, taper to the wrist. The skirt wraps from open front panels to a fashionable split back with decorative inserts. (Discontinued Pattern) Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 40 […]

Western Vest (TG-207)

Period: Civil War Description: Men’s Western Vest 1860 – 1890 Our single-breasted, five-button western vest is highlighted by a shawl collar to mid-chest. The body is tapered with front darts. Welting gives the two front pockets and left breast pocket a finished look. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 38 – 44 ] Chest: [ […]