Five Shirt Styles (TG-201)

Period: Colonial Description: Five Shirt Styles Five basic shirt styles in one pattern! All have a dropped shoulder line with full sleeves, underarm gussets, & buttoned cuffs. Three collar choices, plain or pleated front panels, & ruffles. The [ rifle shirt ]is a wrap around with fringe down the front opening. Size & Fitting Info: […]

Drop Front Breeches or Trousers (TG-202)

Period: Colonial Description: Drop Front Breeches or Trousers 1750 – 1820 The front fall and pocket flaps button to the contoured waistband in front The waistband has a gusset and lacing in the back , soft back pleats give seat fullness. Breeches button below the knee. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ XS-XXL ] Waist: […]

1750-1778 Waistcoat (TG-203)

Period: Colonial Description: 1750-1778 Waistcoat The F & I style Waistcoat 1750-1765 features a rounded neckline & buttons to just below the waist. The back panels are 4″ shorter then the front. The Craftsman’s style waistcoat 1765-1778 is hip length and buttons to the waist. Size & Fitting Info: Size: [ 38 – 49 ] […]

1790-1820 Frock Coat (Tailcoat) (TG-204)

Period: Colonial Description: 1790’s Frock Coat 1790 – 1820 Our double-breasted coat is short-waisted to show the waistcoat underneath. Cut-away tails are pleated and vented in back. The Frock coat is worn with our drop-front breeches [ or trousers after 1805 ]. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 40 – 44 ] Chest: [ 38 […]

1837-1890 Basic Shell Jacket (TG-205)

Period: Civil War Description: Basic Shell Jacket 1837 – 1890 Our basic pattern is a waist-length fitted jacket with cuffs and waistband. Instructions are given for making nine major variations – both Union and Confederate-with body style and decorative changes. A pattern insert discusses historical differences. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 40 – 46 […]

1837-1890 Frock Coat (TG-206)

Period: Civil War Description: 1837-1890 Frock Coat / 1830’s Frock Coat 1838 – 1865 The single-breasted frock coat fits the body snugly; fitted sleeves adorned with buttons, taper to the wrist. The skirt wraps from open front panels to a fashionable split back with decorative inserts. (Discontinued Pattern) Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 40 […]

Western Vest (TG-207)

Period: Civil War Description: Men’s Western Vest 1860 – 1890 Our single-breasted, five-button western vest is highlighted by a shawl collar to mid-chest. The body is tapered with front darts. Welting gives the two front pockets and left breast pocket a finished look. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 38 – 44 ] Chest: [ […]

Trade Shirt (TG-208)

Period: Civil War Description: Trade Shirt 1830 – 1860 A later style, differing from the “Five Shirt” pattern in that it has a narrower collar and a tapered set-in sleeve. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ S – XL ] Chest: [ 35 – 46 ] Manufacturer: Tailor’s Guide

1690-1750 French Fly Breeches (TG-209)

Period: Colonial Description: 1690-1750 French Fly Breeches With the disappearance of the ‘petticoat breeches’ and the ‘Spanish Breeches’, along with the shorter waistcoats and coats about 1690, the ‘French Fly’ came into popularity. Size & Fitting Info: Size: [ S – XXL ] Waist [ 28 – 47 ] Manufacturer: Tailor’s Guide

1850-1900 Button Fly Trousers (TG-210)

Period: Old West Description: These trousers are historically accurate, for a ‘roomy’ fit, and will require braces or suspenders. An optional waistband is included for those that may want a more tailored appearance. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ S – XXL ] Waist: [ 30 – 46 ] Manufacturer: Tailor’s Guide