The Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania 1763-1783


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This is the second printing of Doddridge s Notes. The first was in 1824, by Mr. Doddridge himself, at the office of the Wellsburg, Va., Gazette. It consisted exclusively of the Notes. Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, former governor of Pennsylvania, well known as a lover of old books, says, in a few lines inscribed on the margin of a first copy which he owned, that Dr. Doddridge folded the paper on which it was printed and tanned the leather with which it was bound. The second edition, edited by Alfred Williams, of Circleville, O., was printed at Albany, N. Y., in 1876, by Joel Munsell. Miss Narcissa Doddridge had designed personally undertaking this enterprise herself, but death prevented. Her family then took it up, and at their request it was completed under the supervision of Mr. Williams. Miss Doddridge memoir of her father embodies much important historical information respecting the foundation of the Episcopal church in Western Virginia and Ohio. The liberty has been exercised of somewhat abridging its unessential fullness for this-edition, but it has not been thus deprived in any degree of either interest or value. The elisions have been confined to prolixities in the correspondence of Dr. Doddridge and his friends. The text of Miss Doddridge is practically untouched. The reminiscences of Rev. Thomas Scott in the second edition are omitted from this edition because all the information they contain has been written into the memoir by Miss Doddridge. In addition to the memoir, the 1876 edition contained an appendix comprising a number of sketches bearing on the pioneer life of this region in the closing years of the eighteenth century. These are all preserved in the present publication, excepting three which are of comparative unimportance.

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