Castle Rock Farm

We are a small farm that raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, several types of quail and rabbits. We sell eggs, live birds, live rabbits and meat. We use sustainable farming practices . We use no chemicals or antibiotics. All of our animals are raised on grass, which makes for better food. We sell on farm […]

Woman’s Casaque 1720-1750 (MF-14)

Period: Colonial Description: Woman’s Casaque 1720-1750 With directions for Robe Battante Fashionable jacket in the first half of the 18th century. Features the larger sleeve and deep cuff. Perfect for maternity wear. Size & Fitting Info: Bust Sizes: [ S – L ]=[ 8 – 18 ]=[ 32-42 ] Manufacturer: Mill Farm

European Bedgown (MF-21)

Period: Colonial Description: Loose unfitted garment with a “V” style neckline. Easy to make. Good maternity wear. Includes directions for a petticoat. Size & Fitting Info: Bust Sizes: [ M-L ]=[ 12-18 ]=[ 36-42 ] Manufacturer: Mill Farm