Castle Rock Farm

We are a small farm that raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, several types of quail and rabbits. We sell eggs, live birds, live rabbits and meat. We use sustainable farming practices . We use no chemicals or antibiotics. All of our animals are raised on grass, which makes for better food. We sell on farm and also our local farmer’s market in Forsyth Missouri.

Chicken (whole) $3.00 lbs

Chicken (ground)

Chicken (stewing hen in season) $2.00 lbs

Chicken eggs $2.50 a dozen

Chicken feet (dried for dog treats) $0.75 each

Duck eggs $3.00 a dozen

Rabbit $4.00 lbs

Quail (2 packs or 4 packs) $10.00/2 $20.00/4

Quail eggs (in season) $2.00 a dozen

Turkey (in season) $3.00 lbs

Turkey (ground) $5.00 lbs

Brian & Sandy Moore

115 Castle Rock Drive

Kissee Mills MO 65680