18th Century Lady’s Cap (JR-105)

Period: Colonial Description: A simple cap to cover the head, which can be worn with the ears turned toward or away from the face, as desired. Ladies caps should be made of light to medium weight linen for the most authentic appearance. Other fabrics would include linen/cotton blends or cotton. Ladies’ caps were always white, […]

1770’s Dormeuse Cap (JR-108)

Period: Colonial Description: The dormeuse, or French night cap, was especially popular in the 1770’s. This style was also referred to as a baigneuse, or bathing cap. The crown of the cap fits loosely over the head, with rounded wings or ears framing the face. The night cap may be worn close to the face […]

Manteau-de lit (Bedgown) (JR-107)

Period: Colonial Description: This T shaped Jacket/Bed Gown is taken from Description des Arts et Metiers by M. Garsault, 1769. This unfitted, T-shaped jacket pattern has a shawl collar that continues into robings. It is knee-length, has seven-eighths length sleeves and underarm gussets. The bed-gown may be held closed with straight pins or an apron, […]

18th Century Jackets (JR-109)

Period: Colonial Description: This group of 1750’s – 1780’s jackets uses one basic body with stomacher, front, back, sleeve, cuff, skirt and length variations. Each view is composed of different pieces, and the pieces may be combined to create jacket styles suitable for the 1750’s, 1760’s, 1770’s to 1780’s. The dates given on each view […]