1750’s Fall Front Breeches (JR-202)

Period: Colonial Description: Men’s fall front breeches, with front pockets, optional waistband watch pocket and tabs for knees buckles. These breeches have a mid-18th century fit, with a short rise, fitting the torso lower in the front than in the back. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 30-32 ] [ 34-36 ] [ 38-40 ] […]

1750’s Waistcoat w/ or w/out Sleeves (JR-203)

Period: Colonial Description: 1750’s Waistcoat A mid-18th century waistcoat to be made in long or short versions, with or without sleeves, with three different center front lines, depending on period and personal preference. Suitable for 1750’s – 1770’s. Size & Fitting Info: Chest Sizes: [ 40 ] [ 42 ] [ 44 ] [ 46 […]

1770’s Gentleman’s Frock Coat (JR-204)

Period: Colonial Description: Gentleman’s coat with collar, which can be made in either a fancy or sporting style. Appropriate for all but the most formal occasions, 1770 – 1780. Includes adjustment instructions for long and short sizes. Fully illustrated instructions. Chest Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ 40 ] [ 42 ] [ 44 ] […]

18th Century Men’s Shirt (JR-201)

Period: Colonial Description: Man’s pullover shirt with shoulder reinforcement, neck and underarm gussets, to be made plain for the common man or fancy with chest and wrist ruffles for the gentleman. Sizes & Fitting Info: Men’s [ S-M ] with neck sizes: [ XS-M ] or Men’s [ LG-XL ] with neck sizes: [ M-XL […]

Manuf. Info & Sizes

Pattern Manufacturer Information & Sizing Buckarro Bobbins Patterns [ 1700’s — 1900’s ] Women, Men & ChildrenThese authentic vintage clothing patterns cover the Colonial, Fur Trade, Victorian, Civil War, Western Frontier , and in to the Vintage 1930’s. They are designed for use by modern sewers. Easy to use with well illustrated instructions. Multi-sized patterns […]