Tailors’ Guide

This book, first published about 1815, has been rewritten and published in 1995. It details the tailor’s art, from hand stitching and repairing to drafting patterns from measurements, for coats, vest and trousers, from long held secrets of the tailor. The details for our button-fly trousers and 1838 Frock Coat, came from this book – […]

English Bodice (TG-101)

Period: Colonial Description: English Bodice 1650 – 1800 This bodice is comfortably fitted and has gracefully rounded bottom edges and a horizontal neckline. Bodice laces in front and is reversible to add wardrobe flexibility. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ XS-S-M-L-XL ] Bust: [ 26 – 45 ] Manufacturer: Tailor’s Guide

French Bodice (TG-102)

Period: Colonial Description: French Bodice 1650 – 1800 This French bodice slopes to center front and back points and has a diagonal neckline. Bodice laces in front and is reversible to add wardrobe flexibility. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ XS-S-M-L-XL ] Bust: [ 26 – 45 ] Manufacturer: Tailor’s Guide

Chemise & Pettislip (TG-103)

Period: Colonial Description: Chemise & Pettislip 1650 – 1825 The chemise [ in two lengths ] and pettislip are basic undergarments. The chemise has a neckline drawstring, three-quarter length sleeves with drawstrings to a create soft ruffled cuffs. The pettislip ties at the waist and has gathers for easy movement. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: […]

Ladies’ Riding Habit (TG-104)

Period: Colonial Description: Ladies’ Riding Habit 1730 – 1870 The fitted bodice of the Ladies Riding Habit has front & back V’s at the waist. It has a rounded collar, three-lobed pocket flaps, & large buttoned cuffs. This pattern is versatile – add a gathered skirt it is correct to 1820, add a six-gored skirt, […]

Ladies Dress (TG-105)

Period: Colonial Description: Ladies Dress 1750 – 1785 Two Dress styles, the [ Robe a’ l’ Anglaise ] and the short gown or [ Compere ]. The pattern instructions are for a lined bodice, to allow for the wearing with or without a chemise. Included patterns for Farthingales and Engageantes [ruffles]. Size & Fitting Info: […]

Ladies’ Cape (TG-107)

Period: Colonial Description: Ladies’ Cape 1600 – 1800 Half circular, fully-lined cape with two different hoods available . The kinsale hood that fully covers the shoulder and was popular for wearing over the high coiffures is one style. The other is a smaller hood with several pleats in the center back. Choose your favorite clasp, […]

Ladies’ Partially Boned Stays (TG-108)

Period: Colonial Description: Ladies’ Partially Boned Stays 1725 – 1785 Front-closing, partially boned, working woman’s stays based on an early BAR pattern and “Costume in Detail” sketches. Singular lace ties up the front and ties at the top of the shoulders. May be worn outside over chemise and petticoat while working or under a gown. […]

Ladies’ Hooded Jacket (TG-109)

Period: Colonial Description: Ladies’ Hooded Jacket 1745 – 1755 Taken from “Costume in detail”, the waistcoat is actually part of the jacket. Sleeves may be finished with egageantes [ ruffles ] or cuffed. To be worn over panniers and petticoat. Hook and eye closure. Size & Fitting Info: Sizes: [ S-M-L-XL ] Bust: [ 30 […]

Ladies’ Two Jacket Styles (TG-110)

Period: Colonial Description: Ladies’ Two Jacket Styles 1770 – 1785 One style has a shorter peplum with a pointed center back: the other is mid-hip length. Both can be made with or without a pleated cuff. Hook and eye front or eyelet closure. Meant to be worn over stays. Styled after items in the Williamsburg […]