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This book, first published about 1815, has been rewritten and published in 1995. It details the tailor’s art, from hand stitching and repairing to drafting patterns from measurements, for coats, vest and trousers, from long held secrets of the tailor. The details for our button-fly trousers and 1838 Frock Coat, came from this book – a must have in your library. This book was originally published in 1901 in London under the title “Tailoring.” In 1994, Rick Haven reprinted it privately under the title “Tailor’s Guide.” He made a few editing changes to make it read easier. The book is a good reference for those working or interested in 19th C Clothing, and Mr. Haven says would be useful to those working with 18th C. costume. Mr. Haven is a tailor. The original 1901 publisher is not listed Book excellent for Colonial Costume, Romance Era Costume, Regency Costume, Lewis and Clarke Era Costume, Wild West Costume, Western Expansion Costume, Fur Trade Era Costume, Military Costume, American Civil War Era Costume and/or War of 1812 and Indian Wars Costume, Tombstone Costume, Appaloosa Costume, Jesse James Costume, Cowboy Costume, Gambler Costume, Gunfighter Costume, or Open Range Costume.

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