Who Was I Creating a Living History Persona

A guidebook to the hows and whys of creating a persona. This book will help the reader save unnecessary expense and frustration; included are the reasons for creating the persona and the advantages thereto. Also included are well-documented sources, ideas, lists of possible activities for men, women, and children, and sketches that provide an overview […]

Where Two Words Meet the Great Lakes Fur Trade

Inspired by an exhibit of artifacts from the fur trade of the 1700s, this fascinating and attractive catalog includes a history of the fur trade and essays on various aspects of the early cross-cultural contacts between Indians and whites. Photos of tools, clothing, and trade items shown in the exhibit are accompanied by beautiful reproductions […]

Carts & Wheels (BC-506)

Period: Description: With this set of plans you can build a four wheeled cart, a two wheeled cart and 16″, 20″ and 24″ diameter wheels that are either spoke or are made from solid wood barn siding. The carts break down easily and are made from materials that are readily available at your local lumber […]

Castle Rock Farm

We are a small farm that raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, several types of quail and rabbits. We sell eggs, live birds, live rabbits and meat. We use sustainable farming practices . We use no chemicals or antibiotics. All of our animals are raised on grass, which makes for better food. We sell on farm […]

Crafts of the North American Indians

Chapters in this 325 page book on Native Indian Crafts include: Tools: An Indian Crooked Knife, An Eskimo-style Bow Drill, A Pump Drill, Pecking a Grooved Stone Ax, Flaking a Stone Point, Eine Schnitzelbank, The Use of Bone in Making a Sewing Kit; Skin and Leatherwork: Rawhide, Indian-tanning Buckskin, Tanning Small Furs, Mittens, Moccasins, On […]

Native American Weapons

Hardback. Featuring 155 color photographs and illustrations, Native American Weapons surveys weapons made and used by American Indians north of present-day Mexico from prehistoric times to the late nineteenth century, when European weapons were in common use. Over thousands of years the weapons were developed and creatively matched to their environment―highly functional and often decorative, carried proudly […]

Indian Handcrafts

Indian Handcrafts explains how each object evolved, how it was used, and what tools and materials you need to re-create it. How to craft dozens of practical objects using traditional Indian techniques. Soft cover, 8-1/2 x 11″, with 144 pages, line drawings.