Crafts of the North American Indians


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Chapters in this 325 page book on Native Indian Crafts include: Tools: An Indian Crooked Knife, An Eskimo-style Bow Drill, A Pump Drill, Pecking a Grooved Stone Ax, Flaking a Stone Point, Eine Schnitzelbank, The Use of Bone in Making a Sewing Kit; Skin and Leatherwork: Rawhide, Indian-tanning Buckskin, Tanning Small Furs, Mittens, Moccasins, On Drums; Beadwork; Bark: Containers of Birch Bark, Porcupine Quill Embroidery on Birch Bark, Building A Birch Bark Canoe; Basketry: Splint Basketry of the Woodland Indians, Handles for Splint Baskets, Willow Wickerwork, Coiled Basketry, Primitive Pottery; and Fiber: Corn Husk Dolls. Each craft is explained in detailed instructions and black and white illustrations.

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