Castle Rock Farm

We are a small farm that raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, several types of quail and rabbits. We sell eggs, live birds, live rabbits and meat. We use sustainable farming practices . We use no chemicals or antibiotics. All of our animals are raised on grass, which makes for better food. We sell on farm […]

Lock Stock and Barrel

Practically every repair or restoration problem encountered with the muzzleloading gun is addressed. A partial list of topics include: Stock repair shows several typical damages, breaks, gouges, missing wood, illustrated and repaired. Wood finishing, cleaning, refinishing, spot finishing after local repairs. General information on metals, basics about metals used in old guns, iron, brass, hardening, […]

American Primitive Knives 1170-1870

Over 60 outstanding specimens of American primitive knives. Each photo is accompanied by a fully descriptive text, with dimensions, pertinent structural details and notes on dating and provenance where appropriate. This is by far the largest, best illustrated and best described group of these fascinating implements ever assembled. Another section of the book is devoted […]

Embroidered Textiles

Hardback.  The art of embroidery has been practiced for thousands of years. In the West, traditions have been at the mercy of trade and fashion, but in other regions embroidery continues to be rooted in ancient beliefs and superstitions. This beautifully illustrated book examines in detail the fascinating symbolism of the motifs and patterns that give […]