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Practically every repair or restoration problem encountered with the muzzleloading gun is addressed. A partial list of topics include: Stock repair shows several typical damages, breaks, gouges, missing wood, illustrated and repaired. Wood finishing, cleaning, refinishing, spot finishing after local repairs. General information on metals, basics about metals used in old guns, iron, brass, hardening, tempering, and annealing. Lock repairs, typical lock faults and how to repair them. Barrel work, unloading, cleaning, removing breech plugs, lugs and sight. What to work on and what to leave alone. Softcover, 122 pgs, 175 illustrations. Contents: Introduction Stock Work Major Breaks Missing Wood Inlay Repairs Split Forend Lengthen Forestock Dent Removal Wood Finishing Cleaning Refinishing Bumps and Warpage Staining Spot Refinishing Sealing Metals-General Steel Annealing Hardening Tempering-Heat Treating Brass Annealing-Hardening Castings Welding and Soldering Soldering Welding Silver Soldering Screws Figuring Out Threads Making Screws Worn Threads Use of Taps and Dies Removing Broken Taps Screw Removal Lock Repairs Broken Sear Tumbler Notches Tumbler Shaft Refacing Frizzens Spring Replacement Loose Hammer The Missing Lock Replacing a Flintlock Replacing a Percussion Lock Fitting Drum and Nipple Reconversion to Flintlock Lockplates Pans Frizzen Frizzen Spring Hammer Fitting Top Jaw Fitting Closing Drum Hole Vent Hole Barrel Work Unloading Removing Breechplug Bore Cleaning Barrel Relining Crown Muzzle Lugs and Sights Ramrod Ribs and Pipes Dent Removal Metal Finishing Rust Removal Wire Brushing Disc Sanding Draw Filing Brass-Cleaning and Polishing Buffing Spot Refinishing Browning Disassembly Notes & Miscellaneous Repairs Pins-Keys Barrel Band Barrel Removal Lock Removal Spring Removal Nipple Removal Making a Hammer Ramrod Pipes Brass Triggerguard Repairs Ramrods Set Triggers Proof Testing and Safety Making Fuse Fake Detection Ethics NRA Code for Gun Collectors

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