The Old Greatcoat c. 1790-1825 (CW-SS-M-07)

Period: Colonial Description: In the Red River Settlement, it would appear that the men of the Settlement, as well as the officers of the two great fur companies, for winter wear, favored great coats as opposed to capotes. Indeed, Northwesters were referred to as “Greycoats” whereas their Hudson’s Bay Company counterparts were referred to as “Bluecoats”. Whether […]

Men’s Narrow Fall Trousers C. 1800 – 1825 (CW-SS-M-04)

Period: Colonial Description: Trousers first appeared simply as a lengthening of the legs of knee breeches. Men’s clothing changed rapidly in the late 18″‘ and early 19”‘ century, and trousers evolved to meet these new closer fitting, well tailored styles. With fashionable waistcoats becoming very much shorter, the waistline of trousers rose to a position higher […]

Workman’s Jacket c. 1800-1820 (CW-SS-M-02)

Period: Colonial Description: Although this jacket was most frequently worn by working men, gentleman did wear the garment for sporting activities.  There are many variations to the jacket in terms of collar, cuffs, pocket arrangement, length and the parallel evolution of both single and double breasted variants. Size & Fitting Info: Men’s M, L, & XL Manufacturer: Country […]

Front Opening Dress Set (CW-SS-01)

Period: Colonial Description: Clothing for working class woman. We present the British Settler’s Plain Front Opening Dress, the Scottish Woman’s Tied Ruffle Cap from one of our earlier cap patterns, diagrams for two short-sleeved chemises created from originals in the collection of the Vancouver Museum, plus suggestions and notes to complete the outfit of a settler of […]

Cold Weather Bed Gown Set (CW-SS-04)

Period: Colonial Description: In this package of our Settlement Series we offer patterns for a cold weather Bed gown; leggings; the “Sally” cap from one of our earlier cap patterns, diagrams for a short-sleeved chemise, plus suggestions and notes to complete the outfit of a Métis woman of the early years of the 19th century.  Also […]