Men’s Narrow Fall Trousers C. 1800 – 1825 (CW-SS-M-04)


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Period: Colonial

Description: Trousers first appeared simply as a lengthening of the legs of knee breeches. Men’s clothing changed rapidly in the late 18″‘ and early 19”‘ century, and trousers evolved to meet these new closer fitting, well tailored styles. With fashionable waistcoats becoming very much shorter, the waistline of trousers rose to a position higher
than the lower edge of the waistcoat. The features of this pattem include an angled fall front, a triangular
shaping yoke below the back waistband, the placement of suspender buttons and back eyelets. These trousers
fit with much less of the easing of earlier era trousers and knee breeches. Gentlemen often did not include side
pockets in their trousers, preferring instead a smooth close-fitting, body revealing line.

Size & Fitting Info: Men’s 34, 38, & 42

Manufacturer: Country Wives

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