The Art of Blacksmithing

Hardback.  With more than 500 illustrations, this book is perfect for craftsmen who want to set up a blacksmith shop, and for lovers of history and craft alike. This book describes and illustrates the equipment and techniques developed in more than six thousand years of working iron by hand.Indeed, this unique book covers every aspect of […]

Lock Stock and Barrel

Practically every repair or restoration problem encountered with the muzzleloading gun is addressed. A partial list of topics include: Stock repair shows several typical damages, breaks, gouges, missing wood, illustrated and repaired. Wood finishing, cleaning, refinishing, spot finishing after local repairs. General information on metals, basics about metals used in old guns, iron, brass, hardening, […]

Simplified V Springs A Guncraftsmanship Manual

Another excellent gun craftsmanship manual by Kit Ravenshear! Explains all you need to know about making V-springs. It begins with the basics: choosing the right steel, which types of steel work the best and who uses what and why. Part. 2: “The Shaping” discusses how to shape mainsprings, box-lock springs, frizzen springs, and sear springs. […]

How to Make Knives

This is a step-by-step how-to manual for the serious knife maker. Photographs clearly illustrate the techniques, as the authors show several different ways to make knives. Whether you prefer to shape blades by stock removal, cutting, grinding, or forging, you will see clever ideas that will speed your work. Chapters include making leather sheaths, and […]

The New England Indians

This beautifully presented book offers an informed and fascinating account of the eighteen major tribes that lived in pre-colonial New England. Each group is extensively profiled addressing tribal practices and way of life. The illustrated narrative describes Indian shelters, agriculture, fishing, hunting, treatment of disease and more.

American Indian Costume

Slipping away from us in these times of the homogenization of culture are the traditions of older societies, some of them dating from 9000 B.C., who understood and were in tune with the changing vistas of the North American continent. Practical, yet with an eye for beauty, these peoples clothed themselves in a vast array […]