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James O. Pattie’s Personal Narrative is a prime source for the history of the Southwest during the 1820s.

He, and a group of fur trappers, set out on a journey from St. Louis to California and back.

After Jed Smith’s trip this journey, which began in 1824, is the second known expedition to California.

This remarkable book records an eyewitness account of what the West was like before the great swathes of migration occurred.

Pattie’s book fully explores the dangers of life as a trapper in the wilderness of the far west, including during one episode after Pattie and a group of French trappers were attacked and only three of them survived.

Personal Narrative provides fascinating insight into the earliest clashes that were beginning to occur between citizens of the travelers from the east, Native Americans and Mexicans as United States began its great westward expansion.

Yet, Pattie also demonstrates how there was great cooperation between groups, for example when he aided Mexicans, Native Americans, missionaries and settlers with smallpox vaccinations.

It is essential reading for anyone interested in finding out more about the Old West and life of this fascinating American frontiersman.

James O. Pattie first published his account The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie of Kentucky in 1831 and he passed away in 1851.

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