Shinin’ Trails A Possibles Bag of the Fur Trade Trivia


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This book offers an interesting and enjoyable way to discover facts about the fur trade and to learn the history of this important era in our country’s formation and growth. It may be used as a guide to information about important dates and people of the fur trade, as a source book for campfire and family home games on historical knowledge, as an easy way to check the information espoused by the local “rendezvous expert”, or simply as an easy way to learn the answers to questions that every “mountain man” should know.

John Legg is a noted author of Western Americana and, in this easy to follow format, allows you to learn the answers to such burning questions as : “For whom did Daniel Boone blaze the Wilderness Road into what would become the state of Kentucky?” “Who served as Robert Rogers’ first officer in 1757?” How did John Jacob Astor get his start in the fur trade?” “What was the usual route taken by Northwest traders and trappers into the interior of Canada?” “What Indian town was used as the main depot for the English fur traders in the Ohio country?” “What was the Lewis and Clark expedition called?” What was the name of the dog that accompanied Lewis on his historical journey?” “With whom did Jim Bridger become an apprentice when he was fourteen years old?” “When did William Ashley sell out and who bought his fur company?” “Who was known as Old Solitaire?” “What did the Cheyenne call John Gantt?” What was the average price of castoreum in the mountains?” Etc.

Chapters included are: Early Days (The Eastern Frontier); North of the Great Lakes (The Fur Trade in Canada); ‘Twixt and ‘Tween (The Midwest and Old Northwest); West to the Pacific (The Journeys of Lewis and Clark); Mountaineers (Trappers and Traders); The Opposition and … (The Fur Companies); What’s in a Name (Nicknames and War Names); It’s Frizzen Out (Fur Trade Equipment); To the Upper Missouri (Boats of the Fur Trade); Leading the Way (The Fur Trade Explorers; Time to Cache (Trading Posts and Forts); Shinin’ Times (Fur Trade Terminology); South Pass and Beyond (Places in the Fur Trade); In Sacajawea’s Footsteps (Women and the Fur Trade); Raisin Hell (Rendezvous); Half Hoss, Half Gator (Trappers and Traders Again); The High Cost of Living (Fur Trade Prices); Pilgrims and Such (Other Folks and the Fur Trade); Damp Powder (Battles, Fights and Other Doin’s); Possibles Sack (Miscellaneous); and Gone Beaver (Trappers and Traders Revisited.

Included are over 450 intriguing questions with complete answers (in a separate section), thirteen brilliant line drawings of historical interest and an exhaustive index which makes this a book that should be in the library of every student of the fur trade and the history of the United States.

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