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This book covers the field of accessories with over 20 small useful tools for the muzzleloader shooter. How to make a powder horn, capper, nipple wrench, loading block, and many more useful and handy items. It gives detailed drawings and dimensions on how to make each accessory. The Table of Contents includes the following: Make A Powder Horn Make A Capper Make A Nipple Wrench Make A Loading Block Make A Spring Vise Make A Frizzen Spring Vise or Clamp Make A Shot Measure Make An Adjustable Powder Measure Make A Double Powder Measure Make A Nipple Pick – Vent Pick – Oiler Make A Leather Capper Make A Ball Starter Make A Breech Protector Make A Percussion Cleaning Nipple Make A Vent Shield Make A Frizzen Boot Make A Patch Knife Make A Sight Shade Make Cleaning Tools Make An Authentic Vent Pick Make A Priming Flask – Measure

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