Plains Indian and Mountain Man Arts and Crafts II An Illustrated Guide


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Don’t miss this exciting encore to Charles Overstreet’s award winning first book. Book II follows the format of the highly successful first book, but provides a completely new set of projects to explore. The new handbook focuses on arts, crafts and accoutrements made and used by the Plains and Mountain Indians of North America. The historical information accompanying each project, written in the author’s entertaining, down to earth style, is fascinating to read. And, above all, this is a how-to book; using this guide’s easy to follow instructions and illustrations makes replication of these traditional items a simple and enjoyable task.

Employing both traditional and modern methods, this manual features 40 projects ranging from a Blackfoot Fish Trap to a Wolf Hat in the style of the Wind River Shoshone. The book provides the hobbyist with a good, varied selection of items that can be made relatively inexpensively. The author has carefully researched each project and consulted with members of various Indian tribes to assure their authenticity. He provides historical background on the use and significance of each piece.

Projects included are: Blackfoot Fish Trap; Hidatsa Rake; Arikara Fire Drill; Kiowa Backrest; Hidatsa Hide Basket; Blackfoot Dog Travois; Lakota Cradleboard; Cheyenne Medicine Bag; Nez Perce Arrow Quiver; Kutenai Shell Rattle; Kiowa Fleshing Tool; Blood Bear-Claw Necklace; Hidatsa Wooden Rasp; Omaha Hair Brush; Cheyenne Hair Decoration; Gros Ventre Tobacco Bag; Lakota Sioux Ghost Dance Shirt; Cheyenne Moccasins; Crow Ceremonial Carving; Ute Eagle-Bone Whistle; Piegan Otter Hat; Shoshone Medicine Wheel; Comanche Elk-Jaw Axe; Paiute Ceremonial Antler Baton; Sacred Doll of the Crow Sun Dance; Crow Hot Dance Carving; Sauk Fox Rawhide Trunk; Cheyenne Dog-Soldier Staff; Ute Dance Rattle; Crow Beaver-Skull Coup Stick; Bannock Medicine Feather; Kiowa Medicine Man Bag; Comanche Horse Quirt; Sioux War Banner; Wind River Shoshone Wolf-Face Hat; Ponca Thunder Stick; Cree Pemmican Maul; Arapaho Maiden’s Dance Belt; Flathead Woman’s Necklace; and Plains Cree Skin Rattle. A very useful list of references is also included.

A wonderful book for the young or old, for those interested in Native Americans and for those whose talents lead them to make things with their hands.

155 illustrations; 49 photographs.

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