Historical Costuming Events

There are historical costuming events for people to enjoy held all over this country. While we, personally, attend mostly Colonial period events, we have patterns for costumers of most popular historical time periods. Most are in stock and ready to ship right out but if there is something that you are looking for that we don’t carry, please ask. We like helping our customers find just exactly what they are looking for. We have customers that focus on the events below, as well as many others. We also supply costumers in the stage and movie industry.

And, always, if you see a pattern that you like but don’t want to sew it yourself, consider visiting our custom sewing page and then contacting us.

Buckskinning / Rendezvous

Civil War Reenactments

Colonial Period Reenactments & Faires

Cowboy Action Shooting / Old West Reenactments

Medieval / Renaissance Faire

Pow Wows / NativeAmerican Gatherings