Custom Clothing

Complete Outfits

Many reenacting enthusiast have a particular look they are after. We have helped several people achieve this goal. In general we produce shirts, waistcoats and breeches made specifically for you based on your measurements or we try to keep some of these items finished and ready to sell. If there is a particular item you desire, we will be happy to discuss and plan your custom look. We have made leggings, breechclouts, frock coats, great coats and capes.


18th century shirts are square cut typical to the time period. This is our specialty. We made the shirts for John Curry back in the 90’s. He still wears them today. The shirts are either pull over or cut up the middle for wrap around style. We will do as much or as little hand sewing on shirts as you want. Our average is to machine sew the inside and hand sew the outside. This way you get the hand sewn look without the cost.

We use mainly 100% linen fabric but will use linen/cotton blends or 100% cotton. Shirts are made to fit per your measurements. As with all of our clothing, material is preshrunk and is sewn with 100% cotton thread. Prices range from $85.00 for all machine sewn to $300 for an all hand sewn shirt.


We make a mid-18th century waistcoat. Waistcoats have 2 working pockets with buttons and are fully lined. Buttons are 100% pewter. These are all machine sewn. All inside seams are surged so they will not ravel. We use fustian, linen, cotton prints (appropriate to time period) and wool. As with all of the clothing we make, the material is pre-shrunk. Sizes available are 40-48, Prices start at $95.00 and depend on fabric choice.

Knee Breeches

18th Century Button Fly. Breeches have a pocket on each side of the front. An adjustable gusset on back gives room for size adjustment. Leg openings are button up. These are all machine sewn. All inside seams are surge so they will not ravel. We use mainly fustian but could be made with a heavy linen or cotton. Sizes available are 34-36. Prices start at $85.